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Study Group

Sooooo, Lynn had to study for MCAT, Caroline had some letter writing, and I had a bookmark to design. No excuse for spending saturday night alone. Lynn cooked an amazing meal and we gathered after in the study room to get busy on our tasks. Finished an hour later with icecream, and burbon stewed strawberries. :)

Wall Paper

Last night I wallpapered my study with the History of Graphic Design, Volume 3.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

new table!

For several months I've been on the hunt for a new table. As Bible Study has grown (praise Jesus!) So has the need for more space. We love each other of course but squeezing 12 of us around a 4 man table was getting to be tight. After looking and not finding, I looked into how much it would cost to have one made. The builder suggested I try and find a used table to suit my needs as well as my price range. I'd prayed that the Lord would provide a table that would be just right and within the budget. I jumped on craigslist just as soon as I finished talking with him and low and behold. The exact table I had pictured in my mind--style as well as shape and color. And guess what? Yep, it was exactly the price that was in my budget. It gets even better. The table was brand spankin' new! AND it was the EXACT size I'd measured to fit within my living room. It also has leaves to enlarge it.
But fret. How would I get it to my house? It's so large and I don't have a truck. WELL, yet another answered prayer: the kind couple who sold it to me delivered it!!! WOW. God will provide. Quite a kiss today from Him. What sweet grace. What a sweet and mighty God we know :) My prayer is that He would be glorified through our new table and He would feed us at it daily :)

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